Jimmy sings originals as well as classic oldies and rock 'n roll hits from the '50s and '60s. He recorded his first song 58 years ago and his voice still sounds incredible. Here's a rundown of the singles and albums that he's recorded over the years.

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Year Title Label
1957 The Dare Original
1957 Teenage Heartbreaker Original
1958 Heartbreak Valley Original
1958 Ballad of Margie Original
1959 Teenager in Love Laurie
1959 One Last Kiss Laurie
1959 Thank You For Loving Me Laurie
1960 I'll Never Say Goodbye Laurie
1961 Room Full of People Laurie
1961 Steady Making Love Laurie
1962 My Heart is an Open Book Laurie
1962 Madeline's at it Again Laurie
1963 How Did Love Get this Way Mega
1963 Touch me with Magic Mega
1964 Don't Think We're Going to Make It DOT
1964 Don't Hang on Me DOT
1969 The Meanest Girl in the World AVCO-Embassy
1969 Next Train to Memphis AVCO-Embassy
1969 Save the Pieces AVCO-Embassy
1969 Living Without You De-Lite
1970 Jr.'s Bleeding Again De-Lite
1970 For You De-Lite
1970 Nobody's Perfect De-Lite
1971 Bye Bye Love De-Lite
1977 Wake up America Laurie
1978 Teenager in Love/Blue Moon Laurie
1978 Judy's Last Ride Laurie
1981 Let's Give the King a Rest Shannon
1981 American Girl Jammer
1981 My Heart is an Open Book Jammer
1985 Collectors Pick Disc - My Heart is an Open Book AZRA



Year Title Label
1992 From Rock & Roll Heaven Polydor
1997 Letter from an Angel ACE
1997 Underage Vivid Sound
2006 The Bradley Sessions
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2014 The Greatest Hits of Jimmy Angel
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Year Title Label
1998 White Boys Can't Jump but they Can Sing the Hell Out of Rock & Roll and Soul
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